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Are you engaging in an activity that makes you less productive, alienates you from others, or dominates your daily thoughts? If yes, you may be suffering from addiction.

Although drugs and alcohol tend to be the most common forms of addiction, any activity can become an addiction.  Addictions disconnect us from ourselves and others, thus increasing our pain while also depleting our resources, and leading to the illusion that short-term pleasure of the activity or substance is the only thing that can help.

In cases like this, psychotherapy can be difficult because of the alienating nature of addiction. While you may be interested in getting help, another part of you may feel that your addiction is the only thing you can depend on or the only real relationship you have. Just as this ambivalence is playing out in your life, it will also appear in therapy, and addressing it will be an essential part of successful treatment. 

If you've just been through a detoxication program, psychotherapy becomes crucial to not only support you in your sobriety, but to help you rebuild your relationships with others. These relationships, rather than your relationship to your addiction, will be what helps you to permanently leave the addiction behind.

Whether you're struggling with an addiction, or are unsure if you have an addiction, I encourage you to contact me for a free phone consultation to see if outpatient treatment is the appropriate choice for you.