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Are you and your partner looking for help?

Intimate relationships are difficult. We know that. And so often, even though we decide to commit ourselves to someone else and love them, we inevitably face conflicts and challenges. The object of our affection seemingly becomes the root of our problems; paradise becomes hell.

The more intimate the relationship, the more vulnerable we become, and the more our own issues and conflicts arise. Managing our own experience can be difficult enough; adding someone else to the picture can be overwhelming. When that happens, the ability to experience the “we” is lost, making it difficult to remain united as a loving couple.

My focus with you and your partner is to help the two of you better understand what's really going on, and to give each of you the freedom and space to speak honestly and be heard differently. With help, conversation can flow easier, topics can be broached that were unreachable before, and resolution can become a reality.

I encourage you to contact me for a free phone consultation to see if couples therapy is right for you and your partner.