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Family and Relationship Struggles

Regardless of what brings us into therapy, our relationships eventually take center stage. Who we are can be thought of as a series of relationships with ourselves. The very fact that we feel conflicted, anxious, or depressed is because of how one part of our self is relating to another part of ourselves. In a similar way, how we relate to ourselves eventually manifests in how we relate to other people. This is both the good news and the bad news. The more intimate the relationship, the more our own relational conflicts with ourselves show up, but also the more they can be engaged with outside of yourself and possibly changed. It is this basic premise that relational psychoanalytic therapy is all about. 

Whether your difficulties lie in creating relationships, sustaining them, or not being pushed around by them, therapy can help. Since therapy is also a relationship, these issues will not merely be spoken about, they will be lived out, which can cause some difficulties but can lead to more substantial change. Therapy that merely focuses on intellectual insights disembodied from the felt experience of what is going on, is an exercise that seems helpful but often does not lead to a real shift. I can work with you, as we build our relationship, to work through whatever difficulties you may be having with yourself and those around you. I encourage you to contact me for a free phone consultation to learn more about how we might work together.