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Feeling Stuck

Sometimes it can be difficult to describe how you're feeling. You may feel that things aren't right but have few or no words to describe what is really wrong. You may think that you would only come to see a psychologist if you could concretely explain what's going on with you. In fact, many people come into therapy not fully clear of why they have decided to come in. Part of our work together will involve exploring what seems to be wrong, and trying to better understand your deeper feelings and what they are about. Because these feelings can be hard to pinpoint, we often dismiss them. But in my experience, these deeper feelings or intuitions are often accurate. However, allowing yourself to know what you know can be extremely difficult and elusive, and requires help. Psychotherapy can help you explore these feelings and engage in the fears and struggles that impede you from knowing yourself more fully and trusting your intuition. I'll work with you to feel less lost, stuck, or confused about yourself and what you're feeling. In turn, you can begin to be more present with yourself and fully engaged in your life.

Life Transitions

Even if things seem to be going well, life can throw us a curve ball. Sometimes life transitions are planned and at other times they catch us completely by surprise. Either way, we sometimes need help adjusting to change. Whether it's a natural transition of becoming an adult or moving into midlife, or an unexpected change such as the death of a loved one or a financial crisis, psychotherapy can help you adjust and engage with this change in your life so that you can more fully adapt to or embrace your new situation. 

Whether you're feeling stuck or looking for help navigating a life transition, I encourage you to contact me for a free phone consultation to see if psychotherapy is right for you.